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Do you need to raise funds for your team, church, school, event, non-profit or any other group?

Johnston’s makes it easy, profitable and delicious with our Classic Great Southern BBQ Fundraiser.

You'll sell the best BBQ around, and we’ll do all the rest!

Our fundraising menu includes five of our favorites, conveniently packaged and hand-delivered with instructions for storage and reheating. You can choose to sell all five, or narrow your options down to

include only the products you think will sell the best. Additional sauces, rubs, and seasonings are available by arrangement.

What you’ll be selling

Boston Butts (6-6.5 lbs) – Perfect for pulled pork sandwiches… Irresistible!
Smoked Ham (6-6.5 lbs) – a delectable centerpiece.
Spare Ribs (3.5 lbs) – with our special rub – rotisserie smoked.
Our Famous Sausage (5 lbs) – mild/hot… Heaven on a plate! This item is smoked-not fully cooked.
Smoked Breakfast Bacon (5 lbs) – pre-sliced… Nothing better! This item is smoked-not fully cooked.

How much can you expect to earn?

Like anything worth doing, you get out of it what you put in. But we know you want to hear some numbers, so here’s what some of our participants have done in the past:

  • A baseball dugout club earned $11,970

  • A hospice organization earned $4,554

  • A school boosters club earned $3,000

  • And a high school marching band earned a whopping $20,000!

And that’s all profit, folks—the part our participants got to keep!

Set your goal HIGH and we’ll help you get there!


1. CONTACT US to let us know you want to have a fundraiser.

Contact us with your interest in doing a fundraiser and we’ll help you figure it out! We’ll answer all your questions and send you our Fundraiser Packet with all the information you'll need.

We’ll have you complete our Fundraising Agreement, select your delivery date, and tell us where to deliver your goodies when the selling window closes.

You decide how much markup you want to tack on (that’s right, you get to set your own profit margin!) You'll even receive sample templates to assist with advertising your fundraiser.

2.  PLAN your cooking and delivery day:

We cook your orders on the day of delivery so you’ll get them fresh and hot. Once your orders are cooked to perfection, we’ll deliver them right to your door. For the most streamlined experience, we recommend setting up staffed tables (not included) and allowing your buyers a firm 2-hour pickup window near the end of the work day.

3.  You’ll GET YOUR TICKETS to sell –then you and your team SELL, SELL, SELL! For the best results, allow yourself a 2-3 week selling window. That’s the sweet spot for maintaining engagement, keeping your organizers motivated, and providing a delivery date that buyers can see ahead to. 

4.  CALL IN YOUR ORDERS. You can sell up until a few days before the event/pick up.

​To make sure we have plenty of inventory on hand, we’ll ask you for preliminary sales about a week before your fundraiser ends. We’ll ask again a few days later for final numbers. If you have any additional sales after providing final numbers, just let us know so we can confirm if we are able to provide the additional items.


5.  ADD IT ALL UP, deduct cost and YOU KEEP THE BALANCE!


That’s it, folks. It’s that easy. PLUS- you set the profit for your fundraiser.



Boston Butt, Ham and Ribs

1. Leave in the pan & cover with foil.

2. Heat at 350 degrees.

3. Bring internal temperature up to 145 degrees       before serving.

Johnston's Famous Sausage

1. Puncture the casing

2. Cook on medium heat until internal                             temperature reaches 145 degrees.

Bacon - to your liking


  • How do I submit my orders?
    Please submit all orders to You’ll submit preliminary orders through email about 7 days before your fundraising period ends, and we’ll ask you for “final” numbers three days later.
  • When do I pay Johnston’s for my orders?
    There’s no need to worry about anything but selling items! You’ll settle your invoice on the day of delivery or pickup.
  • How will my orders be delivered?
    Orders of fewer than 100 items can be picked up at Johnston's Meat Market or delivered for a $100 fee. Orders of 100+ items can be picked up or delivered for free.
  • Who do I contact if I have a question or problem?
    Call us at 850-997-5622. We’ll be standing by to help.
  • Are the items fully cooked?
    Yes, everything is fully cooked and ready to eat, except the sausage and bacon, which are hickory smoked to perfection and ready to cook.
Reheating Instructions
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