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Wouldn't you rather know who raised the beef you are eating? Wouldn't you rather have your beef chemical-free, all-natural, and local?


Well, look no further! Johnston's Reserve is our very own beef raised locally in Cairo, GA. Our cattle are harvested no earlier than 18 months old and up to 22 months old. They are grass fed until the last 120 days when they are fed corn/grain, which is what gives our steaks that beautiful marbling and unparalleled flavor.  


In addition our cattle are NOT given any steroids, antibiotics, hormones, mRNA vaccinations or anything harmful to the cattle or you, the consumer. It's all natural, just the way it should be! If that wasn't enough, you can also have confidence that Johnston's is a USDA certified facility ensuring our beef is safe, fresh and quite simply the best beef you'll ever eat! 



At Johnston's, our beef is dry aged. We hang our beef in a dry cooler at 38° for 14-18 days to create the most flavorful, tender and juicy meats you've ever tasted. At Johnston's we do not use chemicals to enhance dry aging. Just like everything else we do at Johnston's, we do it the old fashioned way. 


Do you have a big family and or family members with big appetites? Do you like having the confidence of knowing your freezer is well stocked? Johnston's has you covered! You can order a WHOLE, HALF or QUARTER cow, and get this... YOU CAN DO IT TODAY! We'll walk you through all the steps of selecting the cuts, what to expect and answer any questions you may have. Call us today (850) 997-5622 or come by and see us and let's talk. We'd be glad to "meat" you! 


Do have a cow(s) or a hog(s) that you need processed?? We can make it happen!! You can trust the Johnston's way. We won't process your animals with any less care than we do our own and with USDA oversight you have the peace of mind that your beef or pork will be the best quality possible.



Have a private label for your beef or pork and need a USDA inspected processor? Look no further! Join the family of SATISFIED PRIVATE LABEL BRANDS that get their animals processed here at Johnston's! Not only do we provide in-house USDA oversight and approval for your private label meat but we can even assist you in getting your label designed, laid out and printed. Call us today and set an appointment to see our facility. Take a tour! Watch your animal being processed! Meet the butchers who will be processing your beef or pork. You'll come in as strangers, but you'll leave as friends and family!       


Whether you are buying Johnston's Reserve Beef or you are trusting us with processing your personal cattle or hogs or private label cattle and hogs, just know this... "If it’s not good enough for my table, it’s not good enough for yours.” ~Hal Bennett

Family Owned...3 Generations.

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